Sheet: Notes & chords The road not taken

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Thành viên BQT

Intro: [Abm] [C#m] [F#] [Eb] [Abm] [C#m] [F#] [Eb].

[Abm] Two roads diverged in a yellow [Eb] wood
I"d go back and rechoose if I could
But [Abm] here I lay now, sick and so [Eb] confused
Was it a lie or was it [Abm] all true

Sleep now gently my [C#m] darling love
[F#] Don"t let my worries [Eb] trouble you
[Abm] People try hard [C#m] to forget
[Eb] But memories always stay

[Abm] Nightmares and dreams of [C#m] long passed things
[F#] Try and chase me a-[Eb] way from sleep
[Abm] All that time I [C#m] spent in the dark
[Eb] Just like that; I"m in the light
Everything will [Abm] be fine

La la la la [C#m] la la la la [F#] la la la la [Eb] …. la la [Abm] la

[Abm] Notice all the [Eb] similarities
We go together like the birds and bees
[Abm] Just imagine what all could have [Eb] happened
Every one I knew would long be [Abm] dead

What really goes on [C#m] behind closed doors
[F#] Makes me secretly [Eb] cry out loud
[Abm] Within all these [C#m] horror stories
[Eb] Lay many times of regret

[Abm] Always in such a [C#m] frightened state
[F#] Trapped in an ima-[Eb] ginary cage
[Abm] Living life day [C#m] by day
And [Eb] soon enough; some day
I"ll come out and [Abm] play

[Abm] In a world where everything is upside down
I try hard not to [Eb] lose my mind
Things keep getting worse so
I tell myself everything will be fine
[Abm] I want to grow up and be a [C#m] real bad cop
[Eb] In the end, it"ll [Abm] work


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