Guitar chords Everything I own - David Gates

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[D] You [Dmaj7] sheltered me from [Bm] harm, [D]
kept me [G] warm [Gm6] , kept me [D] warm [Dsus2] [A]
[D] You [Dmaj7] gave my life to [Bm] [D] me,
set me [G] free [Gm6] , set me [D] free [Dsus2] [A]
[Em] The finest years I ever [A] knew [Asus4] [A]
[Em] were all the years I had with [A] you

Chorus: And [G] I would give [D] [Em] anything I [A] own,
[G] Give up my [D] life, my [Em] heart, my [A] home.
[G] I would give [D] [Em] everything I [A] own [Asus4] [A]
just to [G] have you back [D] again.

[D] You taught me how to love, what it's [G] of, [Gm6] what it's [D] of [A]
[D] You never said too much but [Bm] still you showed the way
and I [C] knew [G] , from watching [D] you
[Em] Nobody else could ever [A] know the [Em] part of me that can't let [A] go


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